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If you are interested in learning to buy your own duplex than this book is what you have been waiting for.... 

"Austin Man Reveals Closely Guarded Duplex Buying Secrets - And Backs Up Offer With Money Back Guarantee"

You will learn how to find, evaluate, and buy your own duplex in this new online version of the popular book "Duplex Secrets Revealed" ... for a limited time you can get your hands on the online version for only  $24.95 - a special Internet Introductory Offer.

It's amazing that anyone can learn so much about buying their own duplex for only $24.95! 

Austin, Texas 

April 20, 2009

Monday 1:16 PM

Dear Friend,

Do you want to learn the secrets of buying YOUR OWN duplex and letting your tenant pay your mortgage each month?

If you said, "YES!", you are about to discover an exciting book that will reveal all the secrets to smart duplex buying.

I am going to go through, step-by-step, everything you'll get in my new book, "Duplex Secrets Revealed". Then you can download it instantly on our secure web server. Then when you are finished reading my book, you will have a complete understanding of how to live for free with your own duplex and never pay rent again. 

Now, let me reveal to you a sample of the secrets you'll find in my brand new book...

Discover the 3 key ingredients your duplex MUST have in order to make money. You'll be glad you found out before buying your duplex (and not after).

How to avoid paying too much for your duplex.  Learn how a "comps" analysis can save you thousands of dollars.

How to get a free $700 home warranty.

Surprise! Know the difference between a home warranty, hazard insurance, and mortgage insurance. Educate yourself.

Two sentences to say that could cut the mortgage fees you pay in half.
See my exact words.

What your REALTOR® doesn't want you to know.  If they aren't your exclusive Buyer's Agent they are representing the seller and are working against your interests.

Secrets the duplex seller would rather not have you find out and how to arm yourself against this practice. Find out now in this book.

How your mortgage broker makes money and how you can profit from it instead of paying more for it. Learn the truth about junk fees.

The sad truth about private mortgage insurance (PMI) fees and how to get rid of it once and for all.

See actual income and expense figures to show how you can bank a nice amount monthly from the rents you receive. See the numbers revealed.

Discover the 7 traits you should look for in a REALTOR® when buying your duplex. See why they are not all the same.

Real no down payment mortgages and 4 more types explained in detail in this book.

The 7 advantages of duplex ownership finally revealed. Each topic is explored in detail in the book. 

Learn how a piggy back mortgage work and how it can help you qualify to buy your own duplex. See the chapter on 80/10/10 techniques.

See why property appraisals are an "inside" joke and how to use it to your advantage. Check out what "rough estimates" really mean.

Learn the magic phrase that saved me 22% off my appriasal fees.  You get the exact words.

Learn how I saved 37% off my duplex survey and how you can do it too.

Learn why your income INCREASES when you buy a duplex. It's like a 28% instant salary raise. 

Now, if you think that is all, think again... 

Why you must speak with the seller directly to gain a negotiating advantage. Discover negotiating tips to save hundreds of dollars.

Discover how to get 20-30% off all of your homebuying costs such as the appraisal, survey, and home inspection.

The two things you must have done to your duplex before you buy or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Learn over 12 ways to instantly get information on duplexes you are interested in buying.

Learn about the duplex seller's point of view and gain the upper hand.

O/Occ deciphered why is of primary importance.  Other real estate terms and acronyms divulged in the Duplex Buyer's Glossary.

What does FSBO really mean besides For Sale By Owner and how it can give you an unfair advantage.

Discover junk "warehouse" fees that mortgage brokers pad onto their services and how you can legally refuse to pay them (I'll tell you exactly the words to use). See my exact words in the book!.

Want to discover even more, hold on tight, I'll also show you...


The 20% down payment myth will be exposed along with creative financing tips.

See "the numbers" and how you can never pay rent or a mortgage yourself forever.

Why it is important you must look at old, rundown duplexes in addition to the excellent condition and best location ones.

Think a cul-de-sac is a great location? Discover why a quiet cul-de-sac can be the least desirable place on a street.

Learn about the myth of needing a large down payment to buy a duplex.

Two special government loan programs to buy a home with little or no downpayment. See the chapter on mortgage options.

How to use a special 3.5% down payment government program to your advantage. Read about FHA loans and other programs. 

Here are more "golden nuggets" you will get...

Building a new duplex? Discover four secrets home builders don't want home buyers to know.

Why you should consider getting the largest mortgage amount you can find.

Learn why a net loss on taxes is highly desirable.

Why an empty duplex is a golden opportunity when buying.

How to eliminate your mortgage payment completely (No, it is not to pay off your mortgage as fast as you can.)

Parking lots, car ports, single and double car garages - what you don't know about these can come back and haunt you.  My special analysis reveals all.

66 ways to save money for a down payment.

An inside look at actual monthly cash flow of a duplex - the mortgage principle and interest components, property taxes, county taxes, utility taxes, rental income and other expenses.  These are real life numbers for you to see in the book.

Why an o/occ is preferred over non o/occ'd.

Discover what really makes money with a duplex and what doesn't.

Find out two ways to build instant equity (the first is the pay down the mortgage, but many people don't realize the second reason.)

Have credit problems? Check out the special section on how to dispute credit report problems!

And many more duplex tips and secrets...!

There are only THREE categories of people -

#1) Those who pay their own mortgage,


#2) Those who pay someone else's mortgage (a.k.a. you pay rent or lease each month to an OWNER who in turn uses YOUR money to pay THEIR mortgage).


#3) Those who who have someonese else pay their mortgage (a.k.a. the duplex owner).

Learn why you must move to the third category ASAP.  You will learn how in the book, Duplex Secrets Revealed. 

If you are serious about buying your own duplex and stopping your monthly rent payment hemorrhage, you will realize how this package will help you do it.

The more you think about how to apply the these new techniques, the more you will begin realizing the benefits of buying Duplex Secrets Revealed now.

This information isn't going to make you an instant duplex owner overnight.  You can venture out and search, evaluate, and buy your own duplex but before you do you'll spend a lot of time talking to realtors, residential specialists, sellers, mortgage brokers, and surveyers to figure out what is involved.  My book will save you time.  My book will save you money.

You are also going to read many books and pamphlets on buying a home, getting a mortgage, getting home insurance, and financing.  You will quickly figure out that none of those books and pamphlets will focus on DUPLEX BUYING.  My book will give you inside information.

You will have spent a lot of time researching. Weeks. Months. Maybe even years.  It's going to take you a while to figure out what works.  By deciding to buy this book you will significantly reduce the time it takes to learn the trade - to learn the lingo and become knowledgeable before and during the duplex buying process.

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Ben Franklin

If you want to buy your own duplex, you need this kind of straight-up information.  It will save you time and put thousands of dollars directly back into your pocket both before and after you buy a duplex.

From all of the benefits just listed, you will begin to realize what a great offer this is.  This will be one of the easiest and best decisions you have ever made.  You cannot go wrong.

And I am sure you will find more reasons to get this book after you read my guarantee...


You can take a full year from today to examine my package.  And, if after you put my proven techniques to the test, and you are not thoroughly satisfied with your results in any way, simply write me a quick note and I will send you a full and immediate refund - no questions asked.  That is my promise.  I want you to order without feeling you might "get taken."  You can't go wrong.  You don't risk a single penny in trying it and prove the techniques to yourself.  Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Still have more questions? Check out my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. 


You get the online internet version of "Duplex Secrets Revealed"  for the low, low investment of only $24.95.  You can receive the book and actually be learning these duplex secrets within 5 minutes...yes...WITHIN 5 MINUTES.  You'll be able to download this book INSTANTLY with my secure web server.

The true value is not in the price of the book, but in the value you will gain by having the information.  With the best information you can plant the seed of new ideas.  You can learn from other people's mistakes for the price of a book and some persistence. 
Place your order by November 21, 2000 and receive a $5.00 rebate credit.

While it's still fresh on your mind, click here now to order.

You can use your Visa or Mastercard card with our secure server.

So get your own copy today.  

You'll be glad you did.


Hong and Dianne Lee 

P.S.  Remember, there is absolutely no risk on your part with my 12 month money back guarantee.  Give this book a try today...read it, use it...if for any reason you are not thoroughly satisfied, you will get a full refund.  You have got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

P.P.S.  Still not sure?   Read this by clicking here now. 

Get all this information for just $24.95.
Order today and get $5 off by clicking here now (just $19.95 after rebate!).

We appreciate any comments or feedback, email us at info@duplexdummy.com.  We want you to be satisfied with your book.

This is the online internet version you are ordering for $24.95.  But if you want, a printed copy of the materials is available to order for a price of $49.95 plus $3.05 shipping and handling (total $53.00). 

If a you prefer having a printed version send your check or money order for $53.00 to Boundless Enterprises at:

Frontline Publishing
Attn: DuplexDummy.Com
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Austin, TX 78759

If you prefer, you can also fax your order to 1-877-692-9670. You will receive a confirmation call to verify your order. 

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